vortex tube based cold air gun with magnetic base


Cold air gun utilized vortex tube to provide dry cool air for spot cooling dry machining and many other such application.

Cold air guns utilizes available compressed air on shop floor and gives stream of cold air which could have temperature 40 ° C lower than input compressed air temperature.

Cold air guns has no moving parts hence practically zero maintenance. Its magnetic base allows quick and easy installation

Cold air guns are known to increase tool life and machining speed while machining plastics, brass, wood and other material which must be machined dry.


  • Instant installation and portable, can be shifted to machine instantly.
  • Adjustable cold fraction hence adjustable cold air temperature.
  • Flexible, stay put hose for precise targeting of cold air.
  • Two outlet hose hoses available against specific orders.
  • Dramatically increases tool life and improves tolerances.
  • Cold air stream blow off cheap hence post cleaning may not be needed.



  • Dry Machining of plastic, brass and composite materials.
  • Grinding, drilling and sharpening operations.
  • Mold, dies cutting edge cooling.
  • Cooling of adhesive, solders and weld seams.
  • Spot cooling requirements.